Declutter your life–Week 2

I hope everyone who has been following along has had a productive first week of the Declutter Your Life challenge! In addition to getting rid of things you no longer need, maybe you learned a few things about yourself. I learned that if I don’t make the effort to sort through things, I will literally hang on to anything and everything. Some items are particularly therapeutic to get rid of–anything that has a negative memory attached to it. Every unnecessary thing that gets tossed makes me feel a little more tranquil.

So, what are we doing for week 2? We will continue to declutter physical space for ~10 minutes each day to keep reinforcing the habit. In addition, find another area of your life to declutter. I’m planning to keep better track of how I spend my time each day so I can cut out the time-sucks and be more efficient. Note to self: you don’t need to check your phone every 5 minutes. You just get distracted and lose focus on the task at hand.

Good luck and see you next week!


Cleaning up your life

Does clutter make you anxious? It makes me feel constantly unsettled while piles of junk sit around and stare at me, daring me to get rid of them. Also, I am getting ready to move next month and I dread the thought of packing all the stuff I’ve accumulated while I’ve lived here.

EnterĀ SeaChange’s Declutter Your Life challenge

I love SeaChange and the wonderful monthly modules for creating better habits and improving your life. I decided to look back to the module from July 2014 and challenge myself to spend a month getting rid of the crap in my life. I’m picturing the end result being very therapeutic.

What does this mean? I will periodically document the process of clearing out different aspects of my life (physical space, digital space, schedule) and observe any differences I notice in how I feel. First step: spend 15 minutes cleaning out a small space of my home each day for a week.

Anyone else in?